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Natural eyelashes will be lifted from the roots up creating a perfect curl, allowing them to appear more defined and voluminous. Combining a tint with your lash lift will darken the colour of your lashes and add depth.

Please note the tint only darkens the colour, and does not add any thickness or length.

The lift will last 8-12 weeks and tint 2-4 weeks. It is very low maintenance, after 48 hours treat them just like your everyday lashes.

Nourishing the lashes with Keratin Treatment every day is recommended to keep the lashes hydrated and frizz-free.

This service is only suitable for clients who have medium-long lashes. Lash lifts are NOT ideal for people with HOODED EYES, or SHORT LASHES. Lash Lifts should be scheduled 8-10 weeks apart in order to give lashes time to grow.

To provide this service you will be asked to lay down with your eyes closed for 1.5 hours. If you suspect any feelings of anxiety/claustrophobia we do NOT recommend this service.

Price : $150 + tax

How long does one treatment of the YUMI lash lift last?

One treatment lasts you 8-12 weeks! The tint portion of the service tends to fade first, so some ladies choose to come into re-tint their lashes earlier.

Is it like eyelash extensions where I have to come in for ‘fill’ every few weeks?

No, unlike the eyelash extensions you do not need to come in every few weeks, or every 8-12 weeks.

When the lift begins to fall, it is very subtle and happens over time. You won’t notice a dramatic change

in your lashes. However, many ladies fall in love with the treatment and we often see them back every few months!

How long does the service take?

The YUMI lash lift and tint takes about 1.5 hours in total to complete.

Can it be done while on EyEnvy or any lash growth serum?

Absolutely! After using growth serums like EyEnvy, the lift results are much more dramatic and make your lashes look very luscious. It is recommended to use products like latisse or EyEnvy for 2-3 months before getting the lift for optimal results!

Will the YUMI lash lift add length to my lashes? Will it make them longer?

No. Although the YUMI lash lift will not make your lashes longer, it ‘lifts’ them from the root, which makes your lashes look longer and fuller. The tint also makes a big difference for ladies with blonde or brunette lashes.

What do I do for aftercare?

The YUMI lash lift is very low maintenance! The only aftercare that is essential is to not get your lashes wet for 24 hours (although 48 hours is recommended). We also carry 2 brands of keratin aftercare…. using the keratin nourish mascara after getting a YUMI lash lift will prolong the life of your lashes, hydrate them, and get rid of any crossing of your lashes that you may notice. Although not necessary, it is highly recommended! Especially after more that one YUMI lash lift treatment. After your appointment, we will send you off with a mascara wand, so make sure to comb your lashes out once or twice a day.

Do you have to already have long lashes to get a YUMI lash lift?

No you don’t! Ladies with shorter lashes certainly can get YUMI lash lifts as well… the results may be a bit more subtle though. However, after getting a lash lift the real length of your lashes really come out!

Do you have to already have long lashes to get a YUMI lash lift?

No you don’t! Ladies with shorter lashes certainly can get YUMI lash lifts as well… the results may be a bit more subtle though. However, after getting a lash lift the real length of your lashes really come out!

Will the YUMI lash lift damage my lashes?

The YUMI brand of lash lift is the best in the market, and contains no harsh chemicals. Your lashes definitely won’t be damaged afterwards, but it is certainly worthwhile to use the keratin mascara afterwards to keep them healthy and hydrated, while keeping your YUMI look fresh!

How do I prepare for my YUMI lash lift appointment?

Please arrive to your appointment with no eye makeup on.

Can I still wear mascara after I get a YUMI lash lift?

Yes you can! After the 24-48 hour window after your appointment, you are free to continue your makeup routine as normal!

What if I want a more natural and subtle looking lift?

We offer 3 different ‘sizes’ of lifts: small, medium, and large. The larger the bump on the silicone pad, the more subtle the lift and visa versa. Pictured below, is a YUMI lash lift in progress using a small silicone pad (the most dramatic lift size).

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Most people fall asleep during the appointment.

Are the YUMI lash lift products vegan/ cruelty free?

Yes they are!

Why do the lashes look wet in the after photos?

After we remove the tint, we apply a keratin nourishing mascara to your lashes. This is why they look wet! After the 24 hour initial period, your lashes will be looking light and fluffy.

Does the YUMI Lash lift service include a tint as well? Or is there an extra charge for the tint?

Yes! The YUMI Lash lift includes a complimentary tint. However, there are definitely some ladies who decide they do not want to get the tint when they already have dark lashes.

Can I get eyelash extensions shortly after getting a YUMI Lash lift?

Unfortunately not, your lashes will be too lifted to apply the extensions. However, if you decide to get lash extensions while your lashes are still lifted, give us a call and we can book you in to relax your lashes. This is about a 15 minute process that will essentially ‘relax’ your lashes to their baseline curl.

Can I react to YUMI products? Can I be allergic?

No you can’t- unless you are allergic to the glue (which is a water base).

What is the difference between a lash lift and an eyelash perm?

A YUMI Lash lift works to lift your lashes up from the base. This will make them look longer! An eyelash perm typically will ‘curl’ them from the middle of your lashes… which could actually make them look shorter.